University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, College of Forestry. University of Washington, Seattle, School of Forestry (estab. 1907).

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, School of Forestry (established 1905).

Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins.

University of Georgia, Athens, School of Forestry.

University of Idaho, Moscow.

Iowa State College, Ames.

University of Maine, Orono.

Michigan Agricultural College, East Lansing. Forestry course (established 1902).

University of Montana, Missoula.

University of Nebraska, College of Agriculture.

Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis.

Pennsylvania State College, State College.

State College of Washington, Pullman.

University of Missouri, Columbia.

New York State College of Agriculture at Cornell University, Ithaca.

Biltmore Forest School. This school holds a winter session in

Germany, a spring session in the Adirondacks and Southern Appalachians, and during the autumn months in the Lake States.

Pennsylvania State Forest Academy, Mont Alto.

State College of Forestry, Syracuse University, N.Y. (legislation passed 1911).