Arctostaphylos - Notes

This evergreen genus is close to Arbutus. The best known species is Uvaursi, an evergreen trailer with pink flowers in April. It likes peaty soil. Californica is a variety of it.

Aristolochia - Notes

Sipho, the Dutchman's Pipe, with brown and yellow flowers in May, is a hardy rambler which may be used for pillars and pergolas. It is not particular as to soil.

Aristotelia - Notes

A small genus of evergreens. Macqui is the only species much grown. It grows up to six feet high, and has greenish flowers in May, followed by black berries. Variegata is a form of it. Sandy soil.

Aronia - Notes

See Crataegus and Pyrus.

Artemisia - Notes

The species Abrotanum is the well-known Southernwood, a deciduous shrub of no great beauty, but liked for its powerful aromatic odour, which comes from the leaves. The yellow flowers are borne in summer. Camphorata is a small shrub with finely cut perfumed leaves.

Arundinaria - Notes

See Bamboos.