An addition to the Birches has been made in alnoides pyrifolia, a small deciduous tree with Pyrus-like leaves.


Cucullata is a hooded form of B. papyrifera, in the collection of the Hon. Vicary Gibbs.


Hemsleyana and nivea, the former with lilac flowers in erect terminal spikes; the latter remarkable for the leaves being covered with white fluff, are new Chinese species.


An addition to this great genus is cuspidata, a dense bush with narrow leaves and single white flowers. It was given an Award of Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Caragana Aurantiaca

A dwarf species with yellow flowers.


There is a new species called Fargesii, a deciduous tree growing up to forty feet high, with five-lobed glabrous leaves and pale purple flowers. Duclouxii is a Chinese species with glabrous, cordate, three-lobed leaves, and pink flowers in clusters.


There are two new species: hypo-glaucus and latifolius, both deciduous.