Caryopteris - Notes

The species Mastacanthus (syn. Mastacanthus sinensis) is one of the most interesting of the smaller deciduous shrubs, and is admirable for a collection of choice species, growing only about two feet high, and bearing blue flowers in autumn; there is a white variety, alba. Although hardy they are not comfortable in an exposed spot, and should have a sheltered place. Ordinary soil.

Cassandra - Notes

This genus is often associated with Andromeda. Caliculata and its form angusti-folia have white waxy flowers in spring. The shrub is a member of the Ericaceae and likes peaty soil. It grows two to three feet high. A hot, dry, sunny position does not suit it.

Cassinia - Notes

See Diplopappus.

Cassiope - Notes

A genus of the order Ericaceae, allied with Andromeda. Tetragona, a low shrub about a foot high, with white flowers in Spring, is offered. They require, like the Cassandras, a moist peaty soil with shade and shelter.

Castanea - Notes

Spanish Chestnut - C. sativa is the sweet Chestnut, the nuts of which are roasted and eaten. Silvei-variegated and golden-variegated, together with other forms, aie offeied. They are handsome deciduous trees with greenish white flowers.