Castanopsis - Notes

Only one species is generally offered, this being chrysophylla, the Golden Chestnut. The upper surface of the leaves is deep glossy green, the lower golden yellow. It is an evergreen shrub, and grows slowly. Ordinary soil.

Catalpa - Notes

One of the best of deciduous town trees, C. bignonioides is unaccountably neglected, for its flowers are very beautiful, and they come much later than the blossom of the majority of flowering trees. The foliage, too, is handsome. It is not a rapid grower, and rarely attains to a height of more than twenty feet. Syringiaefolia is the same as bignonioides. Aurea is a yellow-leaved and purpurea a dark form. Japonica (sweet), Kaempferi and speciosa (syn. cordifolia) are also offered. C. bignonioides makes a nice lawn tree. Ordinary soil.