Fargesii, a species of spreading habit, with large acuminate leaves, sweet white flowers in panicles and dark blue fruits, is said to share the hardiness of C. Trichotomum.


Most of the known members of this genus are hothouse evergreens. The two new species heterophyllus and Thunbergii are hardy enough to be grown on pillars and pergolas in mild districts. The former is deciduous, the latter evergreen.

Coriaria Himalayensis

An evergreen species with black fruit. Its hardiness has to be proved.


Multiflora and Veitchiana are interesting additions. Both bear yellow flowers in pendulous racemes like Hazel catkins in winter, before the leaves devlop. Veitchiana is the more vigorous of the two. They received Awards of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1912.