Crabs - Notes

The best Crabs, varieties of Pyrus baccata and P. prunifolia, are worth growing both for use and ornament. Crimson Siberian, Chicago, Dartmouth, John Downie, Fairy Apple, Montreal Beauty, Cheal's Scarlet Siberian, Lady Crab and Transcendent are all beautiful and fragrant in fruit and have a brisk flavour. Niedwetzkyana, with rich crimson flowers and brilliant fruits, is a fine Crab from Turkestan; it has also good autumn leaf colour to recommend it. Other beautiful Crabs, whether in flower or fruit or both, are Pyrus floribunda, Halliana, melanocarpa (black-fruited) Ringo (Japanese Crab), Scheideckeri, spectabilis, Kaido and Toringo; the last is a dwarf kind. The Crabs are beautiful small trees for the shrub beds.

Cranberry - Notes

Oxycoccus macrocarpus.