Daboecia - Notes

See Chapter 9. and 19.

Daphne - Notes

See Chapter 9. Mezereum and its forms alba, white; and atro-rubra, dark red, are deciduous. All the following are evergreen: Blagayana, a chaiming white trailer, blooming in April, sweet; Cneorum, a pink trailer, April, major is a large rose form of it; Genkwa, lilac flowers in April, three feet high; and Laureola, the Spurge Laurel, greenish flowers in winter, height up to three feet, purpurea is a dark form of it. Hybrida, hyemalis and pontica are also offered. Odora (syn. indica) and its variety Mazellii are not hardy. All the evergreens are suited by sandy peat. Mezereum likes a more substantial loamy soil. See also Section A.

Daphniphyllum - Notes

Glaucescens, an evergreen with ovate-lanceolate leaves having red midribs, and a form called viridis are offered.

Dartmouth Crab - Notes

See Crabs.

Davidia - Notes

See new plants.