Decaisnea - Notes

Fargesii is offered as a hardy shrub, but it should certainly have a sheltered place if grown out of doors. It has pinnate leaves, yellow flowers in May, and violet, sausage-shaped fruits. It is deciduous and grows up to eight feet high. It is much the same as insignis. Sandy loam.

Deciduous Cypress - Notes

Taxodium distichum.

Desfontainea - Notes

Spinosa is a beautiful evergreen, growing up to three feet high, with long tubular scarlet and yellow flowers in August. It is not fully hardy, and should not be planted in places exposed to cold winds. A warm border under a wall, with an admixture of peat and sand in the soil, suit it.

Desmodium - Notes

Two species are commonly offered: tiliaefolium (syn. nutans) and penduliflorum. The latter is the same as Lespedeza bicolor. Tiliaefolium has blue flowers in summer. They are deciduous.