Dimorphanthus Mandschuricus - Notes

See Aralia.

Dyospyros - Notes

Kaki is the Japanese Date Palm, remarkable for its beautiful orange fruit. The foliage colours well in autumn. It is not fully hardy, but may be grown out of doors in mild districts if put on a south wall. Canon Ellacombe, however has recorded his belief in its hardiness. Light sandy loam suits it. D. Virginiana is the Persimmon. D. Latus is the European Date Plum.

Diplopappus - Notes

Chrysophyllus is the same as Cassinia fulvida, an evergreen growing up to four feet high, with white flowers in August. Leptophyllus is not quite hardy.

Dirca - Notes

Palustris, the Leather wood, is offered. It is a deciduous shrub growing up to five feet high, with yellow flowers in late winter. Peaty soil.

Dogwood - Notes

See Cornus.