Eucommia Ulmoides - Notes

See Section A on modern shrubs.

Eucryphia - Notes

Pinnatifolia is offered, a beautiful shrub, nominally evergreen but often deciduous, growing up to ten feet high, with large white flowers composed of four petals; the prominent golden anthers add to their beauty; they are produced in July and August. Peat and loam. Its hardiness has been questioned, but it has passed through severe winters unharmed at Kingston, near London. It is a Chilian species. So, too, is cordifolia, an evergreen with simple downy leaves and white flowers, not hardy. Billardieri is an evergreen with simple leaves and white flowers. An Australian species, not hardy.

Eugenia - Notes

Evergreens closely related to the Myrtles and far from hardy. Ugni is sometimes grown against a wall, but it must have protection in severe weather. The fruit is ornamental.