Evergreen Thorn - Notes

Crataegus Pyracantha.

Exochorda - Notes

Two species are offered, Alberti and grandiflora, both growing up to six feet high in favourable circumstances, and bearing white flowers in May, followed by fruits. They are beautiful deciduous shrubs, worthy of a wall border with a warm aspect. Macrantha has sweet white flowers in spring. Ordinary soil.

Fabiana - Notes

Imbricata is a beautiful but not quite hardy evergreen, suitable only for warm, sheltered sites. Its height is about two feet, and it bears white, trumpet-shaped flowers in May. Sandy peat.

Fagus - Notes

See Beech.

Fendlera Rupicola - Notes

A Mexican shrub with white flowers in terminal clusters, height up to six feet, lanceolate leaves. Best against a wall.

Firs - Notes

See Chapter 17.

Fitzroya - Notes

A hardy evergreen Conifer, from Southern Chile. Patagonica is offered.

Flowering Ash - Notes

See Ash.