Hymenanthera - Notes

Only one species is hardy and that is crassifolia, a New Zealand evergreen with yellow flowers and white berries. Sandy peat.

Hypericum - Notes

(St. John's Wort). - Calycinum (see Chapter 16.), is the principal shrubby St. John's Wort; but Moserianum, a hybrid between that and patulum, is a good plant. The former is about a foot high, the hybrid about three feet. Androsaemum, the Tutsan, has dark fruit; height up to three feet. All have yellow flowers and bloom in summer. Reptans is an Alpine trailer. Others offered are Ascyron, aureum (a form of Androsaemum), hirsutum, elatum, Kalmianum and Hookerianum (syn. oblongi-folium). Ordinary garden soil. Calycinum and Androsaemum may be planted in shade.

Idesia - Notes

The only species offered is polycarpa, a Japanese tree with large heart-shaped leaves on long crimson stems, yellow perfumed flowers in terminal racemes and small orange berries in the case of the female form. Ordinary soil.

Ilex - Notes

See Holly.