Illicium - Notes

Floridanum, an evergreen growing a few feet high, with red fragrant flowers in May, is offered as hardy, but it should have a warm wall and winter protection. Loam with good additions of peat and sand. Religiosum is a sacred tree in Japan; there is a variegated form of it.

Incense Cedar - Notes

Libocedrus decurrens.

Indigofera - Notes

Gerardiana (syns. floribunda and atropurpurea of gardens) is hardy and has pale red flowers in July. Decora and its white variety are sometimes offered as hardy, but are better in the greenhouse. Both are best on walls in the open. They are deciduous. Good loam, with leaf mould and sand.

Irish Heath - Notes

See DaboŽcia, Chapters 9. and 19.

Irish Ivy - Notes

Hedera Helix canadensis.

Irish Yew - Notes

Taxus baccata fastigiata.

Itea - Notes

Virginica is offered in catalogues and may be grown in sandy peat in a moist position. It grows up to six feet high and has white flowers in July.