Beesianum is a new species from China with bright red flowers, suitable for rambling over stones on a rockery. It is vigorous and hardy.


An addition has been made to the Walnuts in Cathayensis, a handsome species with black fruit.

Kolwitzia Amabilis

An interesting hardy shrub, with small, oval, acuminate, opposite leaves, chocolate-coloured stems, and pinkish-white, yellow-throated flowers resembling the Weigela (see photograph).


The species scoparium, the Australian and New Zealand Manuka, is a beautiful small-leaved shrub, growing up to five feet high, with white flowers in June, but of such doubtful hardiness that it is generally grown under glass; it may, however, be cultivated outside in mild places. A larger form called grandiflorum has been known, but a remarkable new variety named Nicholli has appeared, in which the flowers are carmine red and the leaves tinted with purple. A First-class Certificate was awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society. Another new variety is Boscaweni, white with red centre. The Leptospermums like a compost of peat and leaf mould with sand.