Larch - Notes

Larix. See Chapters 12. and 17.

Lardizabala - Notes

The only species, biternata, is a climbing shrub with purple flowers in autumn. It must have a warm wall if grown outdoors. Peat and loam.

Laurel - Notes

See Chapters 13. and 24. The common Laurel is Prunus Laurocerasus; camelliei-folia, caucasica, colchica and latifolia are garden forms of it. The Portugal Laurel is C. lusitanica; azorica and myrtifolia are forms of it. Kalmia angustifolia is called the sheep Laurel. The Laurel is a good town and seaside shrub, and useful for forming quick shelter.

Laurus - Notes

Nobilis is the evergreen Sweet Bay; angustifolia and salicifolia are garden varieties of it. It has yellow flowers in spiing, followed by purple berries. In good soil and an open situation it may grow to thirty feet high. It makes a good lawn tree, especially when trained as a neat pyramid. Good loam.

Laurustinus - Notes

Or Laurestinus. See Chapters 9. and 16. Viburnum Tinus is one of the most useful of cheap evergreens, growing almost anywhere, doing well on poor limestone soil, neat and compact in habit, always bright, and flowering in winter. Very little pruning is required.