Phillyrjea Rosmarinifolia

A neat evergreen with small linear leaves a little more than an inch long, good for the rockery.

Poliothyrsis Sinensis

A tree introduced by Wilson from China, with large ovate leaves and greenish flowers in erect panicles. It bears a dry, capsule-like fruit.


Lasiocarpa is a new Poplar with enormous ovate, cordate, bright green leaves. The species is distinguished by the red tint of the leaf stalk and midrib. It should have a moist place. Another new Poplar is Populus alba Richardi, a variety with a golden tint on the upper surface of the leaves, making it quite distinct from the familiar white Poplar.


Veitchii is a sub-evergreen growing up to four feet high, with sprays of white flowers produced in succession from spring to autumn Vilmoriniana is a shrub three feet high, with small silvery leaves and yellow flowers.

Prunus Pseudo-Cerasus

A magnificent blush coloured form named Shirofugen is worthy of ranking with the splendid James H. Veitch. The colour is paler. The flowers are larger and even more abundantly produced.


This great genus shows an addition in Veitchiana, a tree of rapid growth, with ovate toothed leaves and large dull red leaves. An Award of Merit was made to it by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1912.