Pine - Notes

Pinus. See Conifers, Chapter 17., also Chapters 5 and 14.

Piptanthus - Notes

Nepalensis (syns. Baptisia ne-palensis and Thermopsis laburnifolia) the Evergreen Laburnum, is a beautiful wall shrub, with yellow flowers in spring; the variety aureus has yellowish bark. Tomentosus only differs from nepalensis in being hairy. Sandy loam.

Pittosporum - Notes

This evergreen genus is not hardy, but several species, notably Buchanani, Colensoi, crassifolium, eugenioides and its form variegata, Tobira and undulatum may be grown outside in mild districts. Crassifolium, height up to six feet, chocolate flowers in spring; and Tobira, up to twelve feet, white, spring, very sweet, are two of the best. Tenuifolium makes a splendid bush at Aldenham House, near London, on clay soil. The small flowers are almost black.

Plagianthus - Notes

Lyallii is an attractive shrub, with white drooping flowers in the axils of the leaves, but it came from New Zealand and is not hardy, and can only be grown outdoors in northern climes in sheltered places.

Planera - Notes

See Zelkova.