Plane - Notes

Platanus. We have seen in Chapter 20. that the Plane is one of the best of town trees. The London Plane is Platanus acerifolia, which has Maple-like leaves and greenish flowers in spring. Suttnerii is a strong variety with deeply cut marbled leaves. Occidentalis, the Western Plane, has five-angled leaves; there is a variegated form. Orientalis is the Eastern or Common Plane; there are deeply cut and variegated-leaved forms. Ordinary soil if not dry.

Plum - Notes

Purple-leaved. Prunus Pissardii.

Podocarpus - Notes

Evergreen Conifers, imperfectly hardy, and therefore requiring sheltered places. The principal species are alpina, chilina, macrophylla, nubigena and Totara. The first only grows up to about twelve feet high and is fairly hardy. The others are much larger. Loam.

Poison Ivy - Notes

See Rhus.

Poison Oak - Notes

See Rhus.

Polygala - Notes

Most of these are not hardy, but Chamaebuxus, a low sub-shrub with creamy flowers in summer, may be grown outside; there is a purple-leaved form called purpurea. Peat.

Polygonum - Notes

Most of this genus are hardy herbaceous perennials, but Baldschuanicum (see Chapter 18.) multiflorum and molle are sub-shrubby. The two first named are good ramblers, particularly Baldshuanicum. Ordinary soil.