Laurifolium, a species with drooping racemes of greenish yellow flowers, received an Award of Merit from the Horticultural Royal Society in 1912. It is an evergreen. Leptantha is also an evergreen species with velvety green leaves. Giraldii has drooping branches and greenish flowers.


Two interesting species have been introduced in Moyesii and Willmottiae, the former bright red, the latter rosy carmine. R. Willmottiae is illustrated in the Botanical Magazine, T. 8186; it has small foliage, principally in nine leaflets, and brown stems.


Several new species have been introduced notably Henryi, an evergreen with grey stems; chroosepalus, with deciduous, simple leaves resembling the white Lime, Tilia alba; Veitchii, a deciduous shrub with pinnate leaves and pubescent stems; bambusarum, a graceful trailer with trifoliate leaves downy on the under side in common with the young wood; ichangensis, an evergreen with whitish shining leaves; and polytrichus, thornless branches covered with red hairs, light green plaited leaves.