Trochodendron - Notes

The only species, aralioides, is an uncommon evergreen with glossy green leaves, growing up to twelve feet high, and bearing greenish flowers in spring. It can only be grown outside in mild districts. Sandy peat.

Tsuga - Notes

Evergreen Conifers closely related to Abies, Picea and Pinus. The best known species is canadensis (syn. Abies, Picea and Pinus canadensis) the Hemlock Spruce; there are several garden forms, notably argentea, silvery; parvifolia, small-leaved; and pendula, drooping. Hookeriana (syn. Abies Albertiana and Abies and Pinus Mertensiana), and Pattoniana (syn. Pinus Pattoniana) are other good species. Deep loam.

Tulip Tree - Notes

See Liriodendron.

Turkey Oak - Notes

Quercus Cerris.

Ulex - Notes

See Furze.

Ulmus - Notes

See Elm.

Umbrella Pine - Notes

See Sciadopitys.

Vaccinium - Notes

A large but not very important genus, mostly composed of deciduous shrubs. Myrtillus, with rose flowers in spring, height up to two feet, is the Bilberry, Blueberry or Whortleberry; the fruit is dark blue. Ovatum, rose flowers in spring, height up to five feet, dark red fruit; pennsylvanicum, brightly coloured in autumn, dwarf, dark blue fruit; stamineum, purple, three feet; uliginosum, pink, dwarf; and Vitis-Idaea, pink, evergreen, red fruit, dwarf, the Cowberry, are a few of the principal species. Moist sandy peat.

Veronica - Notes

See Chapters 9., 18. and 19.