Fig. 1. Plan Of Rose Garden. I

Scales: A - F, 1 inch equals 32 feet; G - L, 1 inch equals 16 feet.

A, centre, four plants of Crimson Rambler, some growths forming a pillar (see section G at f), and others trained to arches. The other side of the arches is formed of Gloire de Dijon: a, Roses; b, arches.

B, standard Hybrid Perpetuals. If 2 feet apart, about fifty-four plants will be wanted for both beds. The central plants should have 4 feet, the middle row 3 feet, and the outside row 2 feet high stems. (See K. )

C, dwarf Teas and Hybrid Teas. If 2 feet apart, about fifty-four plants will be required for both beds. (See L.)

D, dwarf Hybrid Perpetuals. At 2 feet apart about 145 plants will be needed for both beds. (See L.)

E, pillar, Glory of Cheshunt. (See H at h.)

F, arch or festoon, Aimée Vibert, Cheshunt Hybrid, Gloire de Dijon, Jaune Desprez, Longworth Rambler, Reine Marie Henriette, and Waltham Climbers Nos. 1, 2, and 3. (See I at k, and J at o.).

G, section through centre: c, beds; d, Grass; e, arches; f, pillar post of central bed plants.

H, section of pillar bed (E): g, bed; h, pillar; i, Grass.

I, section of arch beds: j, beds; k, arch; l, Grass.

J, section of festoon beds: m, beds; n, poles similar to the pillar; o, galvanised wire rope or wire rope black varnished; p, Grass.

K, standard Rose.

L, dwarf Rose.

Fig. 2. Plan Of Rose Garden. II

Fig. 2. - Plan Of Rose Garden. - II

Scale: 1 inch equals 24 feet.

Length, 116 feet; breadth, 52 feet; or with arches or festoons, 124 feet long and 60 feet wide.

A, pillars.

B, Hybrid Perpetuals, the central plants standards, the outside rows dwarfs.

C, Teas and Hybrid Teas, dwarfs.

D, arch or festoon Roses.