The arteries or veins alone may be affected, or both may be involved.

Arterial varix is the name given to an enlargement of a single artery. It forms a swollen, tortuous, pulsating mass in the course of the artery. The temporal artery is liable to be so affected, particularly its anterior branch.

Cirsoid aneurism, or aneurism by anastomosis, is formed by numerous enlarged arteries. It is sometimes called an arterial angioma or plexiform angioma. The veins are also somewhat involved. Pulsation is marked.

Venous angioma is a tumor formation in which the venous blood is contained in large spaces, which are lined with endothelium, instead of in normal veins.

Telangiectasis or noevus is formed of enlarged capillaries. It is often called port wine mark, mother's mark, etc.

Anetirismal varix, or arteriovenous aneurism, is where an adjacent artery and vein being wounded, - as the temporal artery and vein, - the blood passes directly from the artery into the vein.

Fig. 8.   Arterial angioma or cirsoid aneurism.

Fig. 8. - Arterial angioma or cirsoid aneurism.

Varicose aneurism is where a sac intervenes between the artery and vein, so that the blood passes first from the artery into the sac and then into the vein. The temporal artery with its companion vein has been so affected.

Treatment Of Vascular Affections Of The Scalp

Vascular tumors are usually ligated and excised. Acupressure pins may be passed under the larger arterial trunks, but the exceedingly free anastomosis renders thorough excision preferable; even this is not seldom unsuccessful.