B Terpineol 131

As already mentioned under a-terpineol, B-terpineol results together with a-terpineol when terpin hydrate is acted upon by dilute acids. Thus far B-terpineol has not been found in volatile oils. Schimmel & Co.1) have isolated the inactive modification from fraction 212 to 215° of commercial terpineol by freezing. It crystallizes in needles that melt at 32 to 33°; b. p. 209 to 210° (752 mm.); d15o0,923 (in the supercooled condition); nD20o 1,47470. Of its derivatives the following may here be mentioned: the nitrosochloride (m. p. 103°),2) the nitrolpiperidine base (m. p. 108°), the nitrolaniline base (m. p. 110°) and the phenylurethane (m. p. 85°). When oxidized with permanganate, B-terpineol yields trihydroxy-terpane melting at 118°.

1) Report of Schimmel & Co. October 1897, 11; Wallach, Liebig's

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