Ethyl Salicylate 201

Salicylic acid ethyl ester is of interest only in so far as it finds application in perfumery. In volatile oils it has not yet been found. It is a colorless liquid, the odor of which is more faint than that of wintergreen. Perkin3) records the following properties:

B. p. 233,5 to 234,0° (corr.); d15.1,1372.

Schimmel & Co. found:

B. p. 234 to 235° (743 mm.), 91° (5 mm.); d15.1,1352; aD + 0°; nD20. 1,52338; soluble in 4 vol. of 80 p. c. alcohol.

When strongly cooled it can be made to congeal and then melts at + 1,3o. 4)