The oil from Charmecyparis Lawsoniana, Parl. (Cupressus Lawsoniana, A. Murr.) which is frequently cultivated in the gardens of Germany, has been distilled by Schimmel & Co.-). The material for distillation was obtained from Holstein and yielded about 1 p. c. of a lemon-yellow oil, the odor of which reminded of savin and cypress. Its other properties were: d16o 0,9308; aD + 23°48'; nD20o 1,48844; A. V. 3,7; E. V. 61,6; E. V. after acetylation 78,8; soluble in one-half its volume of 90 p. c. alcohol; with 1 to 3 vol. it produces temporary turbidity. With bisulphite solution small amounts of an aldehyde were removed which, to judge by its odor, may be lauric aldehyde.