Family: Li Li Aceae.

The volatile oil of sabadilla seed1) is obtained by distillation of either the comminuted seed of Sabadilla officinalis, Br. (Schoenocaulon officinale, A. Gray, family Liliaceae) or of the benzin extract of the fat which results as a by-product in the manufacture of veratrine. The yield from fresh seeds amounts to about 0,32 p. c, from old seeds that have been stored for a long time it is much less. The specific gravity of the oil lies between 0,902 and 0,928. Upon distillation most of the oil passes over between 190 and 250°, however, the esters present undergo considerable decomposition.

After saponification, the bulk of the oil distills between 220 and 250°; [a]j - 9° 10'. From the saponification liquor hydroxy-myristic acid, C14H2803, m. p. 51°, and veratric acid, C9H10O4, m. p. 179 to 180°, were obtained. Presumably these acids are present in the original oil as methyl and ethyl esters. In addition some of the lower aliphatic aldehydes were found.