Massage of the abdomen can be done equally well standing at the right or left side of the abdomen. It is of advantage to the pupils to practise at both sides.

Fig. 79.—Artificial Respiration.

Fig. 78.—Artificial Respiration.

The patient lies on her back, with shoulders raised and knees drawn up, to relax the walls of the abdomen. If the patient is weak, and finds it an effort to keep her knees up, a pillow may be placed under the thighs for support. The arms should lie at the sides, a little away from the body.

Generally the first effect of manipulations of the abdomen is to cause the patient to hold her breath and stiffen the abdominal muscles. If told to breathe naturally, she immediately breathes abnormally. A good plan is to ask a question, and engage her in conversation, then the breathing becomes natural, and the muscles relax.

Fig. 80.—Position in Abdominal Massage,