Professor Westermark, in his History of Human Marriage, lays down the following broad generalization regarding the mating season mammals:

"But notwithstanding this apparent irregularity, the pairing time of every species is bounded by an unfailing law. It sets in earlier or later according as the period of gestation lasts longer or shorter, so that the young may be born at a time when they are most likely to survive. Thus most mammals bring forth their young early in spring, or, in tropical countries, at the beginning of the rainy season. . . . In the highlands, animals pair later than those living in lower regions, whilst those of the polar and temperate zones generally pair later than those of the tropics."

Nature seems ever to be trying to safeguard the interests and welfare of the young. Modern theorists think only of the pleasures of the adult.

Mr. Westermark next marshalls an imposing array of facts and statistics from all parts of the earth to show that man originally mated during the mating season, and that in spite of the many perversions of sex that now exist, he still follows this primitive instinct mote than he realizes. Thus:

"The number of births in Sardinia, Belgium and Sweden is subject to a regular increase twice a year, the maximum of the first increase occurring in February or March, that of the second in September or October. . . In the South of Italy, there is an increase only once a year, but more to the north twice, in the spring and autumn. . . . . In Germany two annual maxima-- in February or March, and in September . . . . in the eight largest towns of Scotland, more children are born in legitimate wedlock in April than in any other month. the first annual augmentation of births has its maximum, in Sweden, in March; in Belgium, Spain, Austria and Italy in February, in Greece in January; so that it comes earlier in southern Europe than farther to the north.

"This unequal distribution of births over the different months of the year is ascribed to various causes by statisticians. It is, however generally admitted that the maximum in February and March (in Chile, September) is, at least to a great extent, due to the sexual instinct being the strongest in May and June (in Chile, December). This is the most likely to be the case, as it i& especially illegitimate births that are then comparatively numerous. . . . . (Note that Chile is in the southern hemisphere and has its spring in September.)

Thus, comparing the facts stated, we find, among various races of men, the sexual instinct increasing at the end of spring, or, rather, at the beginning of summer."

He then reasons:-- "It seems, therefore, a reasonable presumption that the increase of the sexual instinct at the end of spring or in the beginning of summer, is a survival of the ancient pairing season, depending upon the same law that rules the rest of the animal kingdom."

This awakening of the normally, dormant sexual instinct at this period assures the birth of children in the spring--or rather in February, March and April. And this is just the best time of the year to have your children born. This is the beginning of the season when fresh vegetables and fruits are abundant, thus assuring the child, through the mother, of ample food of the best nature affords. It insures ample bone-forming material in the mother's milk. The weather is warm and houses are thrown open. People get out of doors. This means the baby will get plenty of fresh air.

But an even more important consideration, under modern conditions, is sunshine. Babies born in the late fall or early winter, and who live through the winter, nearly all develop rickets to a greater or less degree. Fewer cases of rickets are seen in children who have the advantage of sunshine and sunkissed food during their first months of life. That sunshine is absolutely essential to the normal assimilation and utilization of calcium (lime) and perhaps also of iron and other elements, is certain. This is true of plants, animals and man. If your child is born in the early spring or in the closing days of winter it need never have rickets and will also have reasonable assurance against scrofula, tuberculosis, anemia, and other diseases.

Several investigators, including Hess of Columbia, and Steenbock, of Wisconsin, have pointed out the variations in the vitamin content of milk in the various seasons. The content is highest from May to July and lowest in the winter months. This is referred to the varying amounts of C in the fodder in the different seasons. "In the spring and summer," to quote Berg, "when plants are in the most vigorous phase of their development, they contain comparatively large quantities of C; on the other hand, the ripening of hay is attended by a gradual decline in the amount of C it contains, which may be reduced to an inadequate proportions, It does not matter whether or not "vitamins" is the true explanation of the varying adequacy of milk through the seasons, the important fact is that spring and summer produce the best milk and early spring is, therefore, the best time for babies to be born.

To have your baby born in the spring is very essential in the North. This will be a far more dependable method of assuring them against rickets, scrofula, scurvy, etc., than the nauseous, cod-liver oil they are now dosed with. Have them born early enough that the first part of their lives is not spent in the cold winter months of coal smoke and lack of sunshine. From the middle of April to the end of June would perhaps be the best time to have your children born if you live in the North. In the South the middle of February to the end of April is a splendid time.

You can arrange it thus if you desire. It calls for birth control and you are not to listen to the old ladies in the black gowns, who tell you that birth control is a sin. Sin, like hell, is a creation of theologians and is employed a club with which to keep you in submission and subjection.

If you have to go to hell in order to give your children the very best possible conditions under which to live; then, defy the priests, preachers, gods and devils and practice birth control and go to hell. Better to go to hell yourself than to build a hell on early for your children. These priests and preachers are largely responsible for the present social hell that fills the world with want and poverty, with ignorance and depravity. Throw them off your backs and don't allow them to jump upon the backs of your children.

Arrange to have your children born in the spring. Observe the primitive and, therefore, correct mating instinct and season. Mating in season and out of season may be all right for perverts, but not for normal beings.