"Children's diseases are really parent's mistakes," says Dr. Harry Clements (London), and this is very largely true. There are, of course, social and economic factors over which the poor have little or no influence, at least, not in their present unorganized state.

It may be difficult for the average reader to grasp the thought that parent's mistakes are responsible for the so-called infectious diseases of childhood. Few people have been able to disabuse their minds of the ancient notion, our heritage from our ignorant prehistoric forebears, that a so-called disease can be "caught" from someone else who has it. Morse-Wyman-Hill say, for instance; "measles is a very contagious disease and almost every child coming into contact with another child who has it, especially in the early stages, will develop it."

This statement is false, as every informed person well knows. My two sons have been repeatedly in contact with measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough. On one occassion they were visiting, for over a week, with a cousin who had measles. They were in the room with him daily, even on the bed. More than a year has since passed and they have not developed the disease.

It will be said they were immune. I agree. But what is immunity? Upon what does immunity depend? It is the Hygienic theory that Health is the only immunity there is. Health depends on certain definite factors of hygiene--proper food, pure water. fresh air, sunshine, rest and sleep, mental poise and freedom from all devitalizing habits--and not upon artificial and disease producing agents. So-called artificial immunity is a snare and a delusion.

Morse-Wyman-Hill say "the cause of measles is unknown." Of scarlet fever they say, "the exact cause of the disease is unknown." They are silent about the cause or causes of mumps, smallpox and chickenpox. Diphteria and whooping cough are attributed to germs--which means that they do not know the causes of these troubles.

Despite their ignorance of the causes of these troubles they know all about caring for them and know how they are "caught." Their view was born in ignorance--and born a long long time ago. They know all about how long the "incubation" period is in each of the troubles, but can't demonstrate that there is an "incubation" period.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself standing back in the Garden of Delight when man and his helpmate were first raised from the dust of the earth and began to fill the earth. Follow the crowd down the stream of time until the first of Adam's posterity developed the smallpox. There was no prior case for him to catch it from. How, did he get it, or how did it get him, as you prefer? How did the first case of measles develop? How did the first case of scarlet-fever, or mumps, or diphteria, or cholera, or bubonic plague, or English sweat, or typhus fever, or yellow fever develop? A true theory of cause will answer these questions easily.

When the true cause of these diseases is known, we will also know, not only how the first cases developed, but how every subsequent case developed, for, every case of any so-called disease develops just alike. If the body of your child is in condition to develop scarlet fever, for instance, he will develop that disease if there is not another case in the world--this is the way the first case developed. If the child is not in condition to develop the disease, it will not do so, even if there is a case in the same bed with him--there have been thousands of cases like this.

These things being true, it is up to parents to see that their children are properly cared for so that they will at all times be in perfect physical condition. Don't depend on artificial measures to protect your child. Don't give any attention to the propaganda of private and public institutions and individuals who are financially interested in the promotion of vaccines and serums.

The student will quickly notice that the following so called contagious diseases run a more or less definite and orderly course. They are as lawful in their courses and development as any process in nature and tend unerringly towards recovery. They are said to be self-limited. This is because their causes are limited. As soon as the cause is eliminated the disease ends.

Their cure is accomplished by the forces of the body. There are no cures which can be squirted into, rubbed on, or poured down the child. Never permit such things to be done to your child.

By all means never let anything be done to reduce fever. Fever is a life-saver. Its suppression is always injurious. Sir Wm. Osler says, "The cardiac (heart) complication of the disease (scarlet fever) are often latent," and that, "It is not very uncommon to see cases of chronic Bright's disease which date from an attack of measles."

These cardiac complications and cases of Bright's disease are due to the suppressive treatment so commonly employed. Such treatment fools the uninformed and ignorant into thinking the patient is being cured, whereas, in reality he is being killed.