Wm. A. Rohlf, M. D., President-elect of the Iowa State Medical Society, said in his official address at a recent meeting of that body:

"Allow me to quote from a letter received from Dr. Steel-smith: 'For the five year period preceding the State Department's Education toward diphtheria immunization, namely, the five years preceding 1923, there occurred in Iowa more than three thousand cases of diphtheria each year. Many of these cases were not seen by any medical practitioner, but the average revenue as computed by statisticians signifies that the, physicians of the state of Iowa received in cash approximately 520 per case for the treatment and cure of diphtheria for each of the five years preceding that state-wide anti-diphtheria program. This would result in physicians of the state receiving approximately $60,000 for such work each year incidental to diphtheria.

" 'Now in comparison to that, allow me to suggest that there are approximately 44,000 children born each year in Iowa. For the sake of figures, we will say that the average price for immunization would be $3 per child. If the physicians would interest themselves in preventative medicine and see to it that every child is treated before he is a year of age they would see dearly that from such practice the physicians of the state of Iowa would receive $132,000 a year, or twice as much as you and I received years ago for treatment of cases.'"

"There is still much to do in the way of bringing about ideal conditions through vaccination and immunization. The role of local infection has opened up other avenues for our activities. We should be personally interested, and, as physicians, Assist In The Examination And Treatment Of School Children."

These men plan ways of doubling their incomes and come to the public with the plea that they are sincerely interested in the health and welfare of our children and that they put over their income increasing programs for the health of our babies and for the welfare of the school children. They are as cold-blooded as any class of criminals on the whole earth. Indeed, I know of no other class of criminals who live by crippling, maiming and killing babies and children.

It is asserted that there are 1,454 formally organized state and local tuberculosis associations in the United States. The organizations affiliated width the National Tuberculosis Association spent in 1928 at least $6,196,376.98, the major portion of which was secured through the sale of Christmas seals.

All of this begging by Tuberculosis Associations is to create jobs for doctors. Their work is admitted to have no influence on tuberculosis.

A Red Cross officer said to the victims of the Missisippi Flood, as reported in the Savannah (Ga.) News, June, 14, 1927: "From now on your meal tickets are canceled until you can show your vaccination scar." A similar order was given by this same disreputable organization in a later flood in New England.

People give freely of their money and goods to help the victims of calamities, and the medically controlled Red Cross uses that money to buy serums and vaccines, and pay incompetent doctors and uses the plight of the victims as a club, to make them submit to medication they do not need and do not want. The Red Cross can never have a penny of the author's money and I shall use all of my influence to prevent others from donating to its system of graft.

The so-called "mental Hygiene" movement, which seeks to become a regular part of our public schools, is a commercial move, composed of the usual surgical and serum methods. The movement has among its heads several men who have been convicted of crimes in their care of the insane and men who are notorious for their extreme cruelties to animals in vivisection work. This is an extremely dangerous move and should not be permitted to touch the children of this country, who are surely: suffering enough, at the hands of the medical moloch.