BRONCHITIS is inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the bronchial tube. The lung tissue itself is not involved in this. Bronchitis is a catarrhal condition due to an excess of fats, sugars and starches.

SYMPTOMS: Acute bronchitis presents, as its chief symptoms, rapid breathing, a sharp, dry cough and fever. The temperature runs about 101 to 102 degrees Farenheit. In older children the rapid breathing is not likely to distress them, although there is apt to be a sense of constriction about the chest, with soreness under the breast bone and pain when coughing; but in infants breathing may be so rapid and difficult that they become blue.

Wheeler's Handbook of Medicine says of the treatment for bronchitis:

"In the first stage employ the bronchitis kettle, containing a solution of eucalyptus or pinol; admisister a brisk saline purge, and a diaphoretic mixture. *** The cough may be relieved (suppressed) by Dover's powder, or by heroin, but opiates tend to depress the respiratory centre, and should not be used if there is much cyanosis (blueness). When expectoration has become more copious, ammonia, with senega and ipecacuan; or ammonia, and iodide of potassium, with paregoric, may be given. The strength must be supported (destroyed) by tonics (atonics) hypophosphates, etc. Later, the mineral acids are of use in diminishing the amount of expectoration."

This treatment is symptomatic and suppressive and is all injurious. It is employed without the slightest suspicion that bronchitis has a cause, or that the symptoms are curative processes. It is the outgrowth of voodooism. Sane men and women do not employ such devilish methods.

CARE OF THE PATIENT: Give the child all the fresh air possible. Put him out of doors if it can be done. Keep him warm. Warmth is especially important. Stop all food at once, and give no food until the symptoms are gone. Feed fruit juices and fruit at first, and only gradually add the other foods to the child's diet.

Rest and quiet are essential. Do not disturb the baby. Looking at its tongue, counting its pulse, taking its temperature and similar procedures are exhausting to the child. The tongue is coated, the pulse is rapid, there is fever. You know this and do not have to be forever confirming these facts. Wine of ipecac, mustard poultices, flax-seed poultices and other forms of voodooism should be avoided.