SORE EYES--Catarrhal conjunctivitis-- is a catarrhal inflammation of the lining membranes of the lids and globe of the eyes.

SYMPTOMS: The trouble begins with dryness and smarting of the eyes, as though there is something in the eyes. Swelling of the lids follows and then there comes an abundant secretion of water, then mucous, and lastly, muco-pus. Feeding and drugging increase the suffering and prolong the trouble.

CAUSES: Enervation and toxemia build a catarrhal state of the body which finally involves the mucous surfaces of the body. Excesses of sugar, syrup, candy, bread, cereal, etc., are the chief causes of this catarrhal condition. The condition frequently becomes chronic due to chronic provocation.

CARE OF THE PATIENT: Stop all food until the inflammation subsides. Keep the eyes cleansed with warm water, use no salt, soap, borac acid, or other antiseptics. After the inflammation has subsided, put the child on a fruit diet until all symptoms of the trouble have cleared up. Feed properly thereafter.

Chronic conjunctivitis should be cared for in much the same manner, but it will usually require longer time. Repeated short fasts with a rigid diet between these will finally remedy the trouble.