PARASITIC STOMATITIS (Thrush) is a catarrhal inflammation of the mouth and tongue. The membrane is dotted with white flake-like patches which are claimed to be due to the presence of a vegetable parasite (a mold fungi) called by such good English names as Saccharomyces albicans and oidium albicans. It is due to faulty feeding and lack of cleanliness.

MERCURIAL STOMATITIS, commonly called salivation is inflammation of the mouth, tongue and salivary glands, due to calomel or other form of mercury taken internally through any channel.

Its symptoms are fetid breath, swollen and spongy gums, sore and loosened teeth, a profuse tenacious saliva, inflammation of the membranes of the mouth, a strong metalic taste in the mouth, headache, insomnia and emaciation. Severe cases go on to ulceration of the jaw bone and the falling out of the teeth. Gangrenous stomatitis is frequently due to mercury.

Dr. Tilden says: "I began to practice my profession long enough ago to witness little children pick their own teeth out of their sloughing gums, made so by the use of calomel."

He tells us also that "fear of water drinking by sick people we. developed in those days" and that "water was forbidden all fever patients because their systems were filled with mercury (calomel) and when mercury is in water must stay out; if not, salivation--mercurial poisoning--takes place." All of this is the result of curing one disease by producing another, and of the principle that "our strongest poisons are our best remedies." The destructive effects of mercury are not confined to the mouth. For a full account of its many evils, I refer the reader to my Natural Cure of Syphilis.

After producing this disease with mercury, doctors treat it with antiseptic mouth-washes and the iodide. Beware of both of these. Better still, beware of all drugs including mercury in all of its forms.

CARE OF THE PATIENT: all forms of stomatitis are to be treated alike with assurance that all cases, except perhaps many cases of the gangrenous type, will recover . Many cases of mercurial poisoning will leave the teeth permanently loosened and injured. Many cases of pyorrhea are due to mercury.

The mouth should be frequently cleansed with plain water or with dilute lemon juice or fresh pineapple juice.

All food should be with-held until the inflammation has completely subsided. In mercurial poisoning little or no water should be taken.

If there is fever or maliase, the child should be kept in bed and made comfortable.

Follow this with a fruit diet for a few days after which return to a normal diet. Fruit juices are the best remedies for the dyscrasia back of the sore mouth.