"It is often said that sugar is a necessary article of diet for children. This belief is fostered by the manufacturers of sugar and of candy. It is, however, not true. Carbohydrates are advisable for children as a source of energy. They are not absolutely necessary, however, as is shown by the fact that Eskimo children grow up without them." (Eskimo children do not grow up without carbohydrates. H. M. S.)

Sugar, candy, syrup, etc., inhibit gastric secretion and impair digestion. This is true of cakes, pies, etc. It is just as true of brown sugar, maple sugar, and cakes and cookies made of whole-wheat flour and brown sugar or honey, as of white sugar and white flour products.

Two or three pieces of candy a day may not perceptibly injure children; but when it is added to the cookies, cakes, pies, jams, jellies, white bread, denatured cereals, saturated with white, or even brown sugar, mashed potatoes, pasteurized milk, and other denatured products, it only adds to an already preponderantly acid forming diet and further leeches the child's body of its precious alkaline elements.

Many candies contain poisonous dye-stuffs, adulterants, flavors, etc., as well as nuts, milk and other things that form, with the sugar, bad combinations.

ICE-CREAM is an abominable mixture of canned milk, powdered milk, pasteurized milk, gelatin, sugar or syrup, coloring matter, flavoring extracts and often of canned fruits. It is no good for child or adult.

The following is quoted from The Ice Cream Field, the National Journal of the ice-cream manufacturers, for July, 1928; and is headed, "Baby specialist Favors Ice Cream."

"Ice cream has been prescribed for infant food for several years by Dr. Luther R. Howell, of Columbus, Ohio, one of America's leading baby specialists. Dr. Howell states that ice cream has proven an ideal food for undernourished babies and in several instances was a means of saving their lives. He says that the homogenization of milk and cream, as carried out in the manufacturing process of ice cream, makes the food particularly digestible, an important factor in infant feeding."

This is just plain ordinary bunk and known to be false even by the man who made the statement. In McCall's magazine, July, 1926. Dr. E. V. McCollum wrote:

"There is no more attractive way of serving milk to your family than in good ice cream. We have constantly emphasized the importance of drinking more milk, for the average amount consumed per person is still far too low. The more frequent serving of ice cream at the family table is one of the easiest ways of getting milk into the diet, especially for children who do not like milk and for persons who demand food with marked flavors."

Men who have been stung by the milk-bug don't care how they get milk into you, so long as they get you to take it. Why do children cease to like milk? If milk is so necessary, why does nature cut off both the supply and the demand? In opposition to this rank nonsense about ice-cream I offer the followng words of Morse-Wyman-Hill, who say:

"Ice-cream, Ice-cream soda, and other sweet drinks ### are always inadvisable for and usually harmful to children. They are harmful chiefly because of the sugar which they contain, partly because they are too cold, partly because they are too rich, and partly because they are usually taken between meals. Children would be better off without any of them. Ice- cream is probably less harmful than the others. Vanilla ice-cream is not as rich as the other kinds. The majority of people are so willing to take the chance of injuring their children's health in order to give them temporary pleasure that we have found it useless to attempt to cut ice-cream entirely out of the diet of children. We therefore compromise and allow the children to have plain Vanilla ice-cream without any sauce on it once a week."

It was asserted at a dental meeting a year or so ago that slaughter-house offal and scraps are now bought up and the fat rendered out of these and used in ice-cream instead of the cream of milk--cooked animal tallow, suet and lard now sold to your children in ice cream!, while subsidized ex-spurts lure you on to "eat a plate of ice-cream every day," and tell you that ice-cream is a "health food."