COMPLICATIONS AND SEQUELEA: Irregular and atypical pocks may form; several vesicles may coalesce, a general pustular rash, covering the whole arm or large parts of the body, and called generalized vaccinia, may develop, about the eighth to tenth day.

Abscess, sloughing, cellulitis, erysipelas, general septic infection, urticarial eruptions, syphilis, leprosy, tuberculosis, actinomycosis (big jaw), mental disease, tetanus, (lock jaw), paralysis, menengitis, sleeping sickness, etc., may follow. In rare cases the pock may reappear in the same place after it is apparently healed. In some instances the abscess that may form refuses to heal. I saw one case of this kind where the abscess continued to discharge pus after fourteen years. Speaking of generalized vaccinia, Sir. Wm. Osler says: "In children the disease may prove fatal." Osler quotes Ackland's arrangements of the dates on which possible eruptions and complications may be looked for as follows:

"1. During the first three days: Erythema; urticaria; vesicular and bullous eruptions; invaccinated erysipelas.

"2. After the third day, and until the pock reaches maturity: Urticaria, linchen urticatus; erythema multiformae; accidental erysipelas.

"3. About the end of the first week: Generalized vaccinia; impetigo; vaccinal ulceration; glandular abscess; septic infections, gangrene.

"4. After the involution of the pocks: Invaccinated diseases for example syphilis."

Under the heading "Transmission of Disease by Vaccination," Osler says: "Syphilis has undoubtedly been transmited by vaccination." Under the heading, "Influence of Vaccination upon other Diseases," he says: "A quiescent malady may be lighted into activity by vaccination. This happens with congental syphilis, occasionally with tuberculosis. ### At the height of the vaccination convulsions may occur and be followed by hemiplegia." (Paralysis of one side of the body.)

It is the medical alibi, when these evils follow vaccination, and they are far more common than the uninformed may imagine, that they are due to "carelessness" or to "secondary infections.', Dr. Richard C. Cabot says: "The other things that bother people is the fact that vaccination sores get septic, sometimes when the vaccination is clumsily done, and sometimes when it is correctly done. We need not necessarily blame the doctor because the patient has a bad arm. In spite of all precautions, if the patient is in a bad condition, the break in the skin may become septic.

This is only a half truth. The vaccine sore is septic from the start. Vaccine is septic matter. Vaccination is deliberate and forcible septic infection. We do blame the physician, because he introduced the septic matter into the arm.

This picture of vaccination is a black one, but it is by no means the whole picture. It is almost impossible to exaggerate the evils of this filthy, superstitious practice and any physician or vaccine propagandist who asserts that vaccination is harmless is either an ignoramus or a liar. I shall make this quite clear before I am done with this subject.

"I wish we had known sooner what an awful thing vaccination is," wrote Mrs. A. Kyles, in a letter to the editor of the St. Louis Times, of Nov. 1926, after her boy had died of lockjaw following vaccination. He was vaccinated Oct. 15 and died Nov. 8, 1926; the lockjaw developing about Oct. 31. Thousands of other fond mothers have cried; "I wish we had known sooner what an awful thing vaccination is." Why not find out beforehand and not after the child is dead? Why be so willing to believe the sales-talks of those who make money out of vaccines?

On Oct. 7, 1926, little Elmer Perry, four-years-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Perry, of 35 Schalk St., Newark, N. J. was vaccinated by order of the Health Authorities. Fifteen days later he become sick, and on Oct. 27 they carried him to the hospital suffering with lockjaw. A few hours later he died.

"They killed my boy, they killed him," cried the grief stricken father. "They have taken the sunshine from my life" wailed the frantic mother. This was but one more of thousands of such tragic scenes. Medical men kill them to save them.

The authorities in this case hastily denied all responsibility for the boy's death. They blamed the boy. It is a fair sample of the cowardly manner in which doctors always disclaim responsibility for their deeds. They are the only class of criminals of which I know who can escape the penalties for their crimes by placing the blame on their victims.