Prescription. - Take of ch'ai-hu, fu-ling, fang-feng, ching-chieh, hwang-lien, tse-hsieh, tang-kwei, pai-shu, man-ching, gypsum, ts'ang-shu, hsin-i The Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 428 buds of Magnolia conspicua (or M. Kobus), sheng-tu, chw'an-hiung, kao-pen, liquorice, pai-chih, ch'iang-hwo, hwang-ch'in, hsi-sin Asarum Sieboldi, shao-yao (same as pai-shao), of each the same quantity. Add crude ginger, and make a decoction.

No. 31. - Ts'ao Kwo-chieuThe Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 430 * taking off his Boots. - To cure pain of the foot, calf of the leg and abdomen.

The Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 431

Stand firmly, place the right as if scaling a wall, let the left hand hang down, direct the right foot in front, and step in vacuo. Revolve the air 16 times. The left and right are the same.

* One of the Eight Immortals of Tauist fable.

This exercise is elsewhere called - The Immortals taking off their Shoes. - For the cure of lumbago.

The right foot is directed to be firmly planted on the ground and the other slightly raised on the toes, and 18 breathings to be taken.

The Ch'iang-hwo Soup for nourishing the exhausted.

Prescription. - Take of ch'iang-hwo, chw'an-hiung, ts'ang-shu, pai-chih, nan-hsingThe Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 432 Arisæma japonicum (?), tang-kwei, shen-ch'u, of each 1 mace; sha-jen, kwei-chih, bark of cassia twigs, fang-chi, mu-t'ung, of each 8 candareens. Add 3 slices of ginger, and make a decoction.

No. 32. - Chao Shang-tsao'sThe Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 433 Method of transferring and stopping the ching. - To cure wet dreams.

The Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 434

Sit on one side, use the pair of hands to take hold of the soles of the two feet, first take hold of the left sole and rub it warm, and revolve the air 9 times. Afterwards do the same with the right sole, and perform the kung like the left.

The Jade Pass PillsThe Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 435 Yu-men the Jade Door, the Ching Door.

Prescription. - Take of ginseng 6 mace; jujube kernels, roasted oyster shells, wu-pei-tseThe Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 437 nut-galls of Rhus semialata (commercial), punjabenis (medicinal), roasted alum, fossil bones, of each 5 mace; fu-shen roots and bulbs, 1 ounce; and yuen-chi (core to be extracted), 1 1/2 ounces. Steam the jujube kernels, and make the whole into pills. Dose 50 to 60 on an empty stomach, to be taken in soup made from the seeds of the lotus.

No. 33. - The pure peaceful Heavenly Preceptor's Sleeping Kung. - To cure spermatorrhoea from dreams.

The Ch iang hwo Pai chih Soup 439

Recline on the back, the right hand supporting the head (as a pillow), the left hand grasping firmly the obscure parts, extend the left leg straight, flex the right leg, let the heart think, and revolve the air 24 times.

The above is elsewhere termed - The Sleeping Exercise of Ch'en Tu'an. - For the cure of consumption and the effects of venery.

Recline obliquely on a pillow, with the right hand under the head; with the left rub the abdomen, draw up the legs, the left not quite up to the level of the right, the left pressing on the right, breathe gently, vacant in thought, and take into the abdomen 32 mouthfuls. Do this 12 times. If long continued, the disease is certain to be cured.

Another similar exercise is simply termed - The Sleeping Method. - For the cure of nocturnal emissions.

Lie on the back and make a pillow of the right hand, with the left hand press on the thigh of the extended left leg, draw up the right leg, think, and inspire 24 mouthfuls.

There is yet another Sleeping Method, for the cure of dyspepsia.

With both hands rub up and down the abdomen in all directions, like the whirling of a river or the eddying of the ocean.