Prescription. - Take of hsuen-hu-so, tang-kwei, jou-kwei, of each 1 ounce; powder, mix with wine, and take 3 or 4 mace. Add wine according to each individual's wine capacity; when the pain ceases, cease the medicine.

No. 42. - Hsia Yun-fengThe Soup to cause the Blood vessels to circulate 466 imitating the Black Dragon in a horizontal position on the Ground. - To cure pain of the back and spine.

The Soup to cause the Blood vessels to circulate 467

Bend the body, creep on the ground, kneel, place the two hands on the ground, revolve the air right and left 6 times.

A similar exercise is enjoined in that known as Using the Golden Block to sodden the Earth. - For the cure of abdominal pain.

Both hands are raised above the head with the palms upwards as if supporting heaven, and both heels are pressed firmly on the ground; the arms are drawn down, and nine respirations are taken. (Compare No. 7 of the Ornamental Sections).