1. - The First Aspect of Wei-to (a Deva or inhabitant of heaven, a deity of Hindoo mythology who protects the Buddhist religion, and three of the four continents into which the world is divided. It is the name of the Bodhisattwa (he who knows and feels) a general under the Four great kings who stands in the front hall of all Buddhist monasteries), offering the Pestle.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 553

Stand upright; form a ring with the hands and apply them to the heart; fix the breath and gather in the spirit (energy) with a pure heart and respectful countenance. See No. 1.

2. - The Second Aspect of Wei-to.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 554

Apply the toes to the ground; stretch out the arms horizontally, with quieted heart and silent breath, eyes wide open and mouth simple. See No. 2.

3. - The Third Aspect of Wei-to.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 555

Support with the palms Heaven's door and look upward.

The toes fix on the ground and stand upright.

Let energy circulate to the legs and ribs to make them stand firm.

Close firmly the jaws and do not let them loose.

The tongne can produce saliva if it reach the palate.

The heart will have peace if the breath by the nose be equalized.

Let the two fists gradually return to their original place.

Exert the strength as if about to carry heavy objects. See No. 3.

4. - Taking away a star and changing the Dipper for it.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 556

Support heaven and cover the head with one hand.

Fix the eyes and look through the palms.

Exert the strength and turn back, on each side alike. See No. 4.

5. - Pulling Nine Oxen's tails backwards.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 557

Stretch one leg backward, the other bend forward.

Let the small abdomen (below the navel) loosely revolve the breath

Exert the power in the two shoulders.

And fix the eyes on the fist. See No. 5.

260 6. - Pushing out the Claws and Extending the Wings.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 558

Fix the body and let the eyes be angry.

Push the hands forward in front of the chest.

With strength turn back

Seven times to complete the exercise. See No. 6.

7. - Nine Devils drawing a dagger.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 559

Half turn the head and bend the arms.

Enfold the vertex and the cervix.

When turning back from the head.

Don't object that the force is terrible.

Set in alternate rotation.

With body upright and pure breath. See No. 7.

8. - Three Plates falling on the ground.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 560

The tongue firmly attached to the palate.

Open the eyes and fix the breath.

Standing with open feet in squatting form.

The hands pressing forcibly as if seizing some thing.

Turning the palms at the same time.

A weight more than a thousand catties seeming.

Open the eyes and shut the mouth.

Standing upright, the feet not aslant. See No. 8.

9. - The Azure Dragon stretching its Claws.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 561

Azure Dragon stretching its claws.

The left emerges from the right.

The exerciser imitates it.

Level the palms and deeply breathe.

Exert the strength on the shoulders and back.

Encircling around pass the knee.

Fix the eyes on the level.

The breath equalized, and the heart quiet. See No. 9.

10. - The Lying Tiger springing at his Food.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 562

Standing with the feet apart as if the body would upset.

Bending and stretching each leg alternately.

Raise up the head that the breast may stretch forward, Flatten the back and let the loins be level as a flat smooth stone.

Equalize the in-and-out-going breath by the nose.

Let the tips of the fingers rest on the ground and raise the body.

To vanquish the dragon and reduce the tiger, i.e., the influence of the genii. To learn to obtain a true body and so protect one's health.

See No. 10.

11. - Making a Bow.

The Twelve Positions Aspects of Wei to 563

Holding the head by the hands.

Bend the waist to between the knees.

Stretch the head to between the legs.

Close the jaws very tightly.

Cover up the ears to the sense of hearing as if something were inserted in them. Arrange in a restful condition the original air. Attach the tip of the tongue firmly to the palate. And exert the force at the bending elbow. See No. 11.