Lipoma is a benign tumor made up of fatty tissue. Is yellow in color, round, lobulated, encapsulated, and soft. May be very large. Microscopically the cells resemble ordinary fatty tissue, except in being considerably larger and the connective-tissue trabeculae are also thicker than normal. Occurs most commonly in the subcutaneous tissue, in fasciae, and in synovial membranes. Is slow in growth and will frequently persist even if the individual is much emaciated. The blood-supply is poor, and such tumors may undergo various forms of infiltration and degeneration, as calcification ossification, necrosis, etc.

Myxomatous Fibroma of the Nasal Mucous Membrane (Dürck).

Fig. 48. - Myxomatous Fibroma of the Nasal Mucous Membrane (Dürck).

Stellate connective-tissue cells joined together with protoplasmic processes; the intercellular substance has become myxomatous and contains abundant masses of leukocytes.

Occurs in combination with sarcoma, myxoma, fibroma, and angioma.