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Cancer Books

Reference books on the disease of cancer, its diagnosis and treatments

-Early Detection And Diagnosis Of Cancer | by Walter E. O'Donnell
This book is a comprehensive practical guide to the essential facts about most types of cancer-how to look for and diagnose cancer in the physician's office and what to do about it initially. It is not a definitive treatise or reference work on the subject of cancer and all its ramifications. A number of excellent volumes of this scope are available to those who wish to pursue the subject in depth.
-Symposium Phenomena Of The Tumor Viruses | by The U.S. Dept. of Health
This is a collection of publications that analyze virus induced tumors.
-Research In Physiopathology As Basis Of Guided Chemotherapy With Special Application To Cancer | by Emanuel Revici
This book presents a framework for analysing cancer and other concerns, also a methodology for biologically guided therapy that can be employed for such concerns based under various new concepts is introduced.
-Progress Against Cancer | by The National Advisory Cancer Council
Progress Against Cancer 1969 is the third public report issued by the National Advisory Cancer Council under authority of the legislation by which it was established, the National Cancer Institute Act of 1937. In accordance with its policy, the Council presents the report in two parts. Part I discusses progress against cancer in general, with emphasis on noteworthy developments of the year. Part II is devoted to a review in depth of progress in chemotherapy research—the search for new and more effective drugs and techniques for the medical management of cancer in man. A summary of Part II is provided for the general reader who is not immediately in need of the more technically detailed information. A selected reading list is also provided at the end of Part II.
-Chemistry Of Chelation In Cancer | by Arthur Furst
This Living Chemistry Series was conceived by Editor and Publisher to advance the newer knowledge of medicine in the cause of clinical practice. In this book Dr. Furst presents the chelation basis of cancer. It is a clinical inference deduced from chemical knowledge with high probability in view of the fact that some metals cause cancer by altering enzymic activity, that many carcinogens metabolize to metal binding agents which penetrate the cell, and that most chemotherapeutic compounds inactivate by metal binding the enzymes essential for tumor growth.
-Cancer Manual For Public Health Nurses | by The National Cancer Institute
This manual includes current information about cancer of selected sites, including treatment and nursing care. Emphasis is placed on the function of the public health nurse in a cancer control program and care of the whole patient-psychological as well as physical.
-Chemistry Of Enzymes In Cancer | by Franz Bergel
The perpose of this book is to advance our newer knowledge of chemical medicine in the cause of clinical practice. The interdependence of chemistry and medicine is so great that physicians are turning to chemistry, and chemists to medicine in order to understand the underlying basis of life processes in health and disease.
-Scientific Contributions Of The Ben May Laboratory For Cancer Research | by The University of Chicago
Contains a collection of articles on Cancer research of the Ben May Laboratory at The University of Chicago. The principal aim of the Laboratory in its first decade has been to provide opportunity for young scientists to unfold in a climate where they might enjoy maximal encouragement-privileges without responsibility.

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