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Disease Books

Reference books on diseases and its treatments.

-Diseases Of The Intestines | by Max Einhorn
A text-book for practitioners and students of medicine
-A Manual Of Pathological Anatomy | by Carl Rokitansky, William Edward Swaine
The numerous unsuccessful attempts which have been made to present the following work in an English translation, sufficiently attest the very general estimation in which it is held, as well as the difficulty of the undertaking. The task having at last been executed by the united labors of four gentlemen, each well qualified for the portion intrusted to him, the American publishers take much pleasure in presenting to the profession of the United States, this great store-house of pathological knowledge, in a convenient and accessible form. The world-wide reputation of the author and of his work render eulogy superfluous, while the appearance of the translation under the auspices of the Sydenham Society is a guarantee of its fidelity.
-Remarks On Diabetes Especially Wlth Reference To Treatment | by William Richardson
Ten years ago the author of this little work was attacked with Diabetes which presented symptoms of a very formidable character. He entirely treated himself, and, after the failure of every remedy, dietetic and medical, which he found recommended on good authority, was gradually led to the method of treatment he advises in the following pages. He has not only cured himself, but also many others who -have faithfully and patiently carried out the system he advocates. The author repeats, faithfully and patiently, for he has found some difficulty in inducing patients to carry it out in its integrity. Some object to the bath, as involving much domestic inconvenience, and exposing to the danger of colds, etc., while others, overcome by the feeling of lassitude and weakness peculiar to the disease, consider themselves incapable of taking the walking exercise essential to recovery. With such feelings the author can fully Sympathise, as he experienced them to an extreme degree. These objections must not, however, be entertained by him who desires relief. The bath and walking exercise are of peculiar importance in the treatment, so much so, that if either is neglected, but little good will result...
-Diseases Of The Stomach | by Max Einhorn
A text-book for practitioners and students
-A Manual Of Pathology | by Guthrie McConnell
The purpose of this volume is not that it shall attempt to take the place of the more voluminous text-books on pathology, but that it shall enable the student especially to rapidly acquire the salient points of a subject. To this end the author has sought brevity, but has tried at the same time not to sacrifice clearness in the exposition of the material. If the student finds that this manual fulfils the above conditions the author will have accomplished his purpose.
-A Manual Of Pathology | by Joseph Coats, Lewis K. Sutherland
Pathology is the scientific study of disease. The term Disease, which strictly means nothing more than Discomfort, has reference primarily to the subjective sensations of the person affected, but as these feelings have an objective basis, and as it is possible to distinguish various groups of phenomena, each with its own mode of divergence from the healthy conditions, these groups of phenomena have come to be designated as diseases.
-Diseases Of The Rectum And Pelvic Colon | by Martin L. Bodkin
The zealous purpose of mastering the relationship of proctorial to the many ailments commonly treated by the general practitioner has been my aim during a long and varied practice. In this text I have attempted to simplify the descriptions of the common diseases of the colon, sigmoid flexible, rectum and anus, and to present them in the plainest and most direct language.

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