This is commonly reckon'd a disease of the skin, but is more properly an eruptive fever: it begins with chilness and shivering; when of a very bad kind with a great shaking, a violent pain in the back and heat, a vomiting, and a delirium. The eruption generally attacks the head and face, but sometimes appears in other parts of the body. The tumour is superficial, and appears suddenly on the skin, with a sharp burning heat, and a lively red colour, which turns white when pressed by the finger. It frequently terminates in vesicles full of a sharp serous liquor. Sometimes the tumour subsides in a day or two, the heat and pain cease, the rosy colour turns yellow, the cuticle breaks and falls off in scales, and then the danger is over. But if the erysi-pelas is large, deep, and falls upon a part of exquisite sense, the patient is not very sase: if the red colour changes into black and blue, it will end in a mortification. When the fever is attended with difficulty of breathing, a delirium, or slee-piness, the patient sometimes dies in seven days time.

The cure must be begun by taking away eight or ten ounces of blood, especially if the patient is plethoric, or addicted to spirituous liquors, or when the disease attacks the head. In this last cafe, give the following purging draught, and lay a blister to the back; otherwise the following may be omitted : "Take Epsom salt and manna, of each three quarters of an "ounce; of boiling water three ounces: when the salt and "manna are dissolved, strain off the liquor, and then add a dram "of the tincture of cardamoms." When the head is free, diaphoretics will be sufficient. "Take of rob of elder-berries "an ounce, of burnt hartshorn a dram, of simple alexiterial "water four ounces; mix and make a draught:" Or, "Take Mindererus's spirit, and syrup of white poppies, of "each half an ounce; mix them for a draught." When the patient is very hot, add twelve grains of nitre to the first diaphoretic draught. Afterwards cap-paper or linen rags may be dipt in the following mixture, and laid pretty warm to the part: "Take of camphorated spirit of wine half a pint, of "Venice treacle two ounces; mix them:" Or equal parts of camphorated spirit of wine and lime-water, will answer the same end. When the part tends to a mortification, give the Peruvian bark inwardly, and apply hot tincture of myrrh outwardly with linen rags.