Of which manna, cassia and raisins are most proper for diseases of the breast, coughs, spitting of blood, pleuresy and consumption; as also in disorders from a salt, acrid and scorbutic serum, as in pains of the joints, eruptions on the skin, and rheumatisms, because they not only cleanse the belly, but temperate and correct the saline acrimony. Tamarinds, cream of tartar, sal polychrestum, and stibiated nitre, agree best with hot climates, bilious constitutions, in the heat of summer, bilious diseases, attended with a violent heat, as in a continual double summer tertian, a burning fever, with intolerable thirst, because they restrain the intestine motion of the sulphureous parts of the blood and bile.

In the cachexy and all chronic diseases, attended with a thick -ness of the fluids, the bitter laxatives are best, such as rhubarb and aloes. When thick viscid humours lurk in the first pas-sages, and cause want of appetite, belching and wind, then give pretty large doses of natural salts, Epsom salt, in a draught of liquor, and it will carry them downwards. In melancholic and hypochondiac diseases, as also in quartan agues, then magnesia alba is most effectual; calomel is often dangerous to children: the neutral salts should be given from half an ounce to an ounce, particularly Epsom salt.