1. How many sittings are provided?

a. How many pupils are there?

2. What is the total floor area?

a. What proportion is not occupied by desks?

3. Are the seats adjustable?

a. Are the seats adjusted to pupils? b. Where desks are adjustable, are short children seated in low desks, or are children seated according to class or according to discipline exigencies without regard to size of desk? c. Are seats placed properly with reference to light?

4. Is the light ample and proper?

a. For how many hours must artificial light be used in the daytime? b. Is artificial light adequate for night work? c. Does the reflection of light from blackboard and walls injure the eye? d. Are the blackboards black enough? e. Are the walls too dark? f. Is the woodwork too dark? g. Are window panes kept clean?

5. Is the air always fresh?

a. Is ventilation by open windows? b. Is ventilation artificial? c. Does the ventilating apparatus work satisfactorily? d. Are the windows thrown open during recess, and after and before school? e. Do unclean clothes vitiate the atmosphere? f. Do unclean persons vitiate the atmosphere? g. Does bad breath vitiate the atmosphere? h. Are pupils and parents taught that unclean clothes, unclean persons, and bad breath may decrease the benefits of otherwise adequate ventilation and seriously aggravate the evils of inadequate ventilation?

6. Is the temperature properly regulated?

a. Has every class room a thermometer? b. Are teachers required to record the thermometer's story three or more times daily? c. Is excess or deficiency at once reported to the janitor?

7. Are the floors, walls, desks, and windows always clean?

a. How often are they washed? b. Is twice a year often enough? c. Do the floors and walls contain the dust of years? d. Is dry sweeping prohibited? e. Has wet sawdust or even wet sand been tried? f. Has oil ever been used to keep down surface dust on floors? g. Are feather dusters prohibited? h. Are dust rags moist or dry? i. Is an odorless disinfectant used?

8. Does overheating prevail?

a. Do you know teachers and principals who protest against insufficient ventilation, particularly against mechanical ventilation, while they themselves are "in heavy winter clothing in a small room closely sealed, the thermometer at 80 degrees"?