The Symptoms of Abscess Near The Kidney

Symptoms similar to those of the preceding disease, only the urine is not affected; great pain; tumor felt at the back, just below the lower ribs; in some cases sudden death.

In these cases, the abscess forms in the mass of fat in which the kidney is embedded, instead of in the organ itself. The abscess may discharge internally or externally. When it discharges internally, it sometimes opens into the intestines and sometimes into the abdominal cavity. In the latter case, the result is speedy death. When it opens externally, or into the intestinal canal, there is a fair chance of recovery.

The Treatment of Abscess Near The Kidney

When a tumor can be felt over the region of the kidney, at the back, which gives evidence of containing pus, it should be promptly opened, to prevent its discharging internally. Fomentations, should be applied to the affected part, both before and after opening the abscess.