In many cases of sudden illness, it is often of vital importance to know just what should be done at once, as prompt measures will often prevent serious consequences which otherwise might follow.


If coming on soon after eating, give an emetic consisting of a teaspoonful of powdered alum or ground mustard dissolved in three or four tablespoonsful of warm water. If the extremities are cold, warm them. If the whole body is cold, give a hot bath. If the head is hot, apply ice. If there is violent jerking and clinching of the teeth, endangering the tongue, place between the teeth a cork or a piece of wood, or the handle of a spoon wound with cloth. If the patient does not recover quickly, send for a physician.


When a patient falls suddenly, becoming unconscious, with flushed face and full pulse, elevate the head and shoulders, and apply ice to the head. A physician should be sent for at once.


When a person is suddenly seized with vertigo or dizziness, he should lie down at once. If it occurs in a position in which there is danger from falling, as in looking over the edge of a precipice, looking down from a tower, and similar situations, the individual should at once withdraw to a sufficient distance from the point of danger to secure safety, and should lie or sit down and close the eyes until the symptom disappears. If a person feels dizzy in climbing, he should look up.