In this kind of headache, the condition of the brain is just the opposite of that in the variety just described. The organ contains too little blood instead of too much. It occurs most often in aged or feeble persons, and persons suffering with nervous debility, anaemia, and other diseases characterized by poverty of the blood. This form of headache may be recognized by the fact that the patient often feels dizzy when sitting up or standing, and is relieved by lying down. It generally affects the top of the head, may also be located at the back part or in the forehead. It is not of a throbbing character. May often be described by the patient as a gnawing pain. The pupils are usually dilated, and the tendency to faintness upon assuming an upright position is marked.

The Treatment of Anaemic Headache

The patient should lie quietly in bed, with the head depressed a little below the level of the feet, at least not bolstered up by pillows. Cold should be applied to the back of the neck, or between the shoulders, and continuous warmth to the top and front part of the head, by means of fomentations, cr the hot water bag. Electricity is a very useful measure in this form of headache. The galvanic current may be employed, placing the positive pole upon the forehead and the negative at the back part of the head; or the faradic current may be used, the negative pole being placed at the lower part of the spine, and the positive at the top of the head.