The Symptoms of Aneurism Of The Heart

The symptoms resemble valvular disease of the heart, with pains much greater than in the latter affection.

This disease consists in the formation of a sac in the walls of the heart which communicates with the cavity of the organ. The sac frequently increases in size through stretching. It sometimes becomes as large as the heart itself. Fortunately, the disease is quite rare, as it is almost certainly fatal. The principal cause of this malady is rheumatism.

The Treatment of Aneurism Of The Heart

The most that can be done for the patient is to restrain him from all violent exertion and give him a careful, nourishing diet, withholding all alcoholic stimulants, tea, coffee, tobacco, and other narcotics. Perfect rest upon the back in bed for two or three months, and a very meager diet, has been recommended as a means of treatment by a very eminent Irish physician.