The Symptoms of Congestion Of The Ovary - Ovarian Irritation

Tenderness in the groin; pain in standing or walking; more or les* continuous pain, aggravated at the menstrual period, which is generally ushered in by a chill followed by a fever resembling that of ovarian inflammation.

This condition is frequently called chronic inflammation of the ovary, and is often accompanied by enlargement of the organ which in consequence of some sudden jar or unusual strain becomes dislocated or prolapsed. Ovarian irritation often produces a reflex effect upon the system. It is a frequent cause of obstinate dyspepsia, especially of the nervous form, accompanied by spinal irritation, by painful headaches and in some cases of serious mental disease really amounting to insanity.

The Causes of Congestion Of The Ovary - Ovarian Irritation

Among the chief causes may be mentioned improper dress, taking cold at the menstrual period, disappointment, induced abortion, the use of "preventives," constipation, the opium habit, prostration, and self-abuse.

The Treatment of Congestion Of The Ovary - Ovarian Irritation

The patient should be given the advantage of as good hygienic surroundings as possible. Sun baths, massage, complete rest at the menstrual period, daily fomentations over the affected parts, the daily use of the hot vaginal douche, the hot enema, fomentations over the lower part of the spine, and the local application of electricity con constitute the best known means of treatment. Some eminent surgeons have recently resorted to the plan of removing one or both of the ovaries in cases similar to this. The effect thus far has been very satisfactory, although the remedy is not entirely free from danger. We have treated quite a large number of cases of ovarian irritability, and have thus far succeeded in effecting a cure without resorting -to a surgical procedure.